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Couples Fantasy

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Open Relationship Couples Fantasy - Hugh Hunter is laying in bed checking out some guys on is computer when is lover Dolf Dietrich walks in on him. Dolf isn't the jealous type so he asks Hugh which guy he is eyeing and what would he like to do with him. Dolf also has an eye on a guy, Derek Parker, and shares his fantasy of fucking Derek in the shower. What's the best part of there open relationship? They both get to realize their fantasy ! Caleb Troy is really in love with his partner Mark Winters and propose's to him before fucking his brains out. Saxon West is mad at his lover Kirk Cummings for not being honest about wanting to fuck other men. Kirk makes up to him by gobbling his thick cock.

Starring Caleb Troy, Derek Parker, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Kirk Cummings, Mark Winters, Matt Stevens, & Saxon West